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Adobe Illustrator CC is a Vector program that is used ubiquitously in the world of Design and Print. Adobe Illustrator CC is the latest versions of the software present on the Market with Creative Clouds facilities. TGC India is a leading institute for Adobe Illustrator. An Adobe Illustrator course that would teach it’s students all the tools and functionality of the adobe Illustrator software in order to use it for designing . Student will be able to learn Illustrator at expert level skills by learning this application.

Illustrator Course

  • Navigate the CorelDRAW interface
  • Create and manipulate objects
  • Use layers and special effects
  • Use tools, palettes, symbols, clipart, and work with bitmaps
  • Create animations, sprites, and interactive movies
  • Explore viewing modes and customizing options
  • Outline, fill, and transform objects
  • Create and edit images and text
  • Save, and print design layouts
  • Apply styles and templates