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Twitter Bootstrap course is a sleek, Intuition, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development. Bootstrap training will help you learn the essentials of Bootstrap, from the fundamentals to advanced topics, so that you can create web pages with much fewer efforts. A Practical Bootstrap training program in Chandigarh that Teaches Real World Skills – Twitter Bootstrap to produce a web that is responsive design in Chandigarh, figure out how to develop responsive, mobile first projects on line using Bootstrap.In this training, we will be teaching how to set up the Twitter Bootstrap 4 environment in your workspace. We will also create a very basic HTML page to verify if our setup is working or not. Bootstrap is an open source as well as free collection of tools at one place for developing various web applications and different types of websites. Mainly it contains HTML and CSS based templates and also includes Java script extensions.

Why Twitter Bootstrap?

  • Introduction To Bootstrap
  • Examining The Framework Files
  • The Grid
  • Responsive Images
  • Building A NavBar
  • NavBar Dropdowns & Building the Intro Section
  • Button Options
  • Block Quote & Togglable Tabs
  • Building The Footer
  • Search Box Inline Form
  • Customizing The Download
  • Starter Templates
  • How To Access Your Working Files
  • Coding Rows And Columns In HTML
  • Controlling The Grid Across Devices
  • Media Queries and Breakpoints
  • Fixing The NavBar To The Top Of The Browser
  • Building The Marketing Panel
  • Building The Info Panel
  • Glyphicons
  • Setting up the grid structure
  • Customizing Bootstrap
  • Customizing Colours