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The participants may also discover ways to implement the latest CSS3 approaches to their Web applications and gain a knowledge regarding the browser support in numerous modules. HTML5 and CSS3 is one of the hot web technologies and is widely gaining acceptance across mobile and web.With this specific training, the participants will begin to go through the basics of HTML5 to deep dives into advanced topics like Layouts, Forms, Offline Support, Geolocation, Audio & Video, Graphics, Communication APIS, Storage, New JavaScript Web Workers and so forth. HTML5 and CSS3 are the essential languages you must master, especially in today’s day of coding. HTML5 Training Courses in Chandigarh. Learn to build functional sites with HTML5 & CSS3. HTML5and CSS3 is one of the hot web technologies

CSS3 Course

  • CSS3 Basics
  • CSS3 Values and Units
  • Font Properties in CSS3 & Text Formatting in CSS3
  • Colors and Background in CSS3
  • Pseudo Elements and Generated Content in CSS3
  • Media Styles and documents that are defining Printing in CSS3
  • Testing and Validating CSS3 & CSS3 Tips and Tricks
  • Optimization or compression of CSS3
  • Optimizing Performance of a webpage
  • Style Definitions in CSS3
  • CSS3 Inheritance and Cascading
  • CSS3 Lists & Padding, Margins, and Borders in CSS3
  • CSS3 Layouts with Floating and Positioning
  • Dynamic HTML5 with CSS3
  • Suggestions to Create Advanced Graphical User Interface Styles Using CSS3
  • Coping with Cross Browser Issues in HTML5 and CSS3
  • Suggestions to Create a Search Engine Friendly Website in HTML5 & CSS3